On Stage!

I started dancing due to an accident.  I remember it as clear as day.  The old black and white television set{yes that's how old I am!}, Lucille Ball being as hysterical as always and her dancing the jitter bug and me being so wound up after that I decided I need to do the same. I let go, I really let go, I was all over the place and I was laughing like there was no tomorrow.  Then, CLACK!!!!!!! I fell and could not get up.  My right foot broke.  I don't know why but that was it.  I needed to prove to myself that elation that I just had was not something I had to give up forever.  In the end that feeling stayed with me for many years and it wasn't until I became close to my passionate math teacher Nube Russo that after speaking to her about music and Broadway shows that she offered to pay to have someone come to teach me the basics of dance every day during lunch period.  So while my friends were playing handball, basketball or just hanging out laughing I was dancing in the auditorium with my new found dance teacher.  It was a magical time.  At that time, the movie 'Fame' was out and Coco and Leroy were household names except due to economical restrictions I did not know who they were but the idea of this school in Manhattan, The High School of The Performing Arts,  that taught you how to dance and it was free had me electrified.  From then on the rest is an amazing funny, emotional, occurrence of events.
on stage!

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