I met someone. 

Tryptech reflected me and my shadows‘Excuse me do you speak English?’ I heard from my left with a sing song lilt and some exotic African accent. Turning around to the person asking I found out I was right. I asked: 

‘Yeah what do you want?’

Keep Walking. Just another freak in the parade. 

‘Do you know where the bus station is? ‘

OK stop. ‘There are two bus stations but I suppose you want the closest. This is Pau Claris street. You know if you walk straight down. Just keep going. It’s a long walk. You’ll eventually run into it’. 

Something made me ask: ‘why do you need the bus station?’

‘I figure I could sleep there’ i looked further into his eyes. 17-18 years maybe. Extremely dirty but soft eyes. 

‘Oh, you know I’m like you in a way.’  

‘What?’ A look of bewilderment. 

‘I have nowhere to go as well’

A small Tyra Banks smize showed up on his face:

‘You know I don’t know anyone here.’  

‘Listen if you can’t sleep in the station then there is a park in the around it. There are lots of people there.’

Wait a minute I thought to myself. That’s not good advice. He has so little they’ll steal that from him. 

As I prepared to walk the 40 minute walk with him to the bus station I thought: this is not me. I cannot take this person’s path. It is his to follow. ‘I hope that you get there. Have to run. Take care.’


Insult to Injury

After being dumped, which in the end did hurt, I started speaking online to someone I always speak to.  I mean chat.  Anyway, as I said, I feeling hurt because I felt dumped like a bowel movement.  I did not tell him the reason I felt hurt but did tell him that I was feeling somewhat melancholic.


insult to injury conversation

I could just say “Whatever!!!!” but I wont.